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Hi darling,and welcome to FOOTPLUS.COM.So you would like to enlarge your penis to become a "dream lover".You are not alone.Millions of people are interested in the subject,and we would not be exaggerating if we said that 99 percent of the male population are potentially attracted to that idea,although many of them are not consciously aware of it.
To answer a question that you may have,the answer is yes:penis enlargement is possible,and people have been doing it for centuries in order to become more desirable sexual partners,and to take advantage of the psychological impact of a bigger male organ.

Perfection (iron 8",big hat erection)is hardest to find and rare but real penis enlargement is available to everybody and is called PENIS WEIGHTS.

I will cut the talking and go straight to the point:if you were attracted by our adds it means you are interested in hanging weights from your dick to make it bigger.That means that most probably you are aware that only penis weights may bring about the penis growth in length and thickness that you want at the pace you want it.You probably were thinking on making up some device by yourself,or purchasing a device.Look no further:the FOOTPLUS device is a professional penis weights hanger at a price that is lower than the cost of the necessary materials plus your needed work at minimal wage.When you purchase the FOOTPLUS for $48.00(including shipping),you get a penis weights hanger that covers any initial penis size from 4" to 7",and a booklet with instructions and drawings telling you every detail about the use of the FOOTPLUS.You also get the wrapping and other hanging materials.You also get free registered airmail delivery anywhere.In one word everything you need to hang weights,besides the weights themselves.
Why is it so inexpensive?Because we buy wholesale and pay less for the parts.The last reason for the low price is that it does not include weights.You need to provide your own weights(any small dumbbell with a hole in the middle can be used with the FOOTPLUS).
What are the advantages of purchasing the FOOTPLUS compared with making a homemade hanger?You get rid of the guessing and save time and money rather than trying different ideas that very probably will not work,and every time buying more things that cost money that accumulates to much more than the cost of the FOOTPLUS,till you get lucky,IF EVER,because the odds to make it with ideas going around are close to nill.Not only that but you also get e-mail and Telephone live support while you use the FOOTPLUS.

The device is tough,comfortable and easy to use and some users report hanging over 20lbs of weights.Not only that,unlike the hangers based on velcro(slip),noose(painful) or vacuum(bleeding and blisters),the FOOTPLUS really works with heavy weights necessary for real penis enlargement.
The instructions include how to build your hanging routine,how to determine the amount of weights to hang,how to prevent injury and many other needed items of information.Users have an e-mail customer service available for a lifetime.
Delivery by airmail takes up to 15 working days.
This device was designed and crafted by Gustav Gilmore,and it is produced in the high tech workshops of Optimal(selling penis weights devices since 1997).The Optimal Group also manufactures and markets direct other penis weights products such as the SIZEWARRIOR and the Classical Optimal (the SHAFTWIZARD)weights hanging devices.For more info click the links on you upper left.
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